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What is an ArtBOT?

ArtBOT represents cutting-edge the latest technology in the Photobooth and Entertainment sector, blending the characteristics of a Sketch Artist and a Robot. By combining these two components, these bots deliver a truly unique and interactive sketch experience. Guests are able to witness this remarkable process unfold before their eyes in under one minute! 

ArtBOT  - FAQs

  • How does it work?
    Guest portraits are captured from a camera at our kiosk and meticulously analyzed in seconds. The image is then rendered by our ArtBOTS to produce a distinctive and personalized sketched image of the guest. This captivating process unfolds in real-time, ensuring a memorable and distinctive experience.
  • What is the guest takeaway?
    Our ArtBOT meticulously crafts each sketch on premium high-gloss 4''x 6'' photo paper. Following the robot's completion, guests can effortlessly detach the finished sketch from our platform, preserving it as a cherished memento.
  • How long does it take?
    Robots and Artificial Intelligence are intriguing subjects that captivate audiences. The ArtBOT impresses with speed and accuracy, creating detailed sketches in just 50 seconds.
  • Can I customize it reflect my brand or event theme?
    Yes! We offer full customization options for the 4x6 takeaway and kiosk to align seamlessly with your brand and concept. Whether integrating your company logo or specific color palettes, our team of designers will work closely with you to guarantee that the end product reflects your unique branding and event atmosphere. This extensive level of customization facilitates the development of a memorable and exclusive experience for your guests, amplifying your brand's presence at every event.
  • Number of ArtBOT required?
    Opt for either a single robot or establish a full fleet of robots to cater to larger audiences. These automated bots can be directed to align each image systematically. Upon completing a task, a robot will promptly initiate the next sketch, optimizing productivity.


Get ready for a sneak peek.

Reserved clients, share a photo with us, and watch our ArtBOT bring it to life in a thrilling sample video. See firsthand the magic in store for your special occasion as your image transforms in a one--of-a-kind sketch. 

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